For all your E-commerce, Marketing and Creative struggles

Customers… give them what they want, but not how they expect it

Mike Verhagen

I like to call myself a creative marketer, with a knack for fashion retail and E-commerce, and a focus on Growth Hacking. Naturally driven, extremely passionate and motivated to collaborate with like-minded people on innovative and inspiring projects. Everything starts with a problem or a question, that’s where I come in.

With a childlike curiosity, I hunt for a unique solution for your unique problem.

A technical and marketing background allows me to approach diverse problems from different angles and find suiting solutions for them. A specific love for generating PR & Marketing concepts, setting up influencer marketing channels and finding other innovative ways of reaching new target groups. If needed I’m able to guide the project from start to perfection.

Besides problem solving, I thrive when setting-up and improving E-commerce websites and new business units. Managing projects, automating marketing and streamlining business processes (especially where online meets offline). My goal is to increase you and your team’s output and productivity. To lower costs, to automate and simplify processes and to decrease the need for expensive specialists like web-developers. As an entrepreneur, I know what keeps you up at night.

Let me help you with these struggles.